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Critical services migration from Pandora to Phoebe

  • Tuesday, 6th April, 2021
  • 00:00am

Hi everyone,

Since few weeks, we suffer from multiple attacks on Pandora, one of our hosting servers. For now, we can't be sure if these attacks are targeted and seem ransom (IPs are randomly scanned and attacked as soon as they send a reply).

Some hostings, including Virtual-Info's, are experiencing more and more frequent service interruptions, this is why we need to migrate fairly quickly hosting accounts from Pandora to Phoebe, a server in preparation, while moving the primary DNS zones ( to Pan. Nothing will change for, except a better synchronisation.

Here is the action plan: The accounts will be moved 1 by 1 and the settings (the imap/pop/smtp servers, FTP, MySQL/MariaDB, DNS zones, etc…) will also be transferred. You have nothing to do if you use the addresses and information provided in the registration email to connect to our services.

Finally, expect a little downtime. When transferring your account, the DNS registrations will be modified and your account will be suspended to avoid any changes. Since DNS propagation is an operation that can take from 1 hour to 48 hours depending on the internet service providers, your website(s) will be gradually back online to your visitors again. An email will be sent to you at the start and end of the migration.

We will migrate Virtual-Info website first so that we can be contacted any time.

Edit on 2021-04-12:

We have an issue on Phoebe since last Thursday (2021-04-08), and we are working on it since. The migrations are postponed until next week-end. If some of you would like to be migrated during the week, because it doesn't bother you (which lightens our work this weekend), don't hesitate to open a support ticket specifying your accounts (with the username(s)) can be migrated as soon as possible.

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